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Jini's Favorites

Jini Says: Out of all the excellent products in our Shoppe, these are the ones that are our most popular, or that I use for myself and my family on an ongoing, daily basis. Of course, I have used ALL the products in my Shoppe at one time or another, but these are the ones I consider to be the basics, or that our customers buy the most.
Healthy Trinity Probiotic

8 reviews
$99.95 - $246.96
Absorb Plus Sample Pack Canada
Imix Nutrition
Absorb Plus Sample Pack

2 reviews
Save 23%
Imix Nutrition
MucosaCalm - 90 capsules

3 reviews
$29.85 $38.98
IBD Remission Diet
Save 37%
Listen To Your Gut
Save 42%
Sold Out
Save 15%
Clef des Champs Comfrey Salve (Organic) Canada
Save 17%
Sold Out
What You Need To Know About Probiotics
1 in stock
What You Need To Know About Wild Oregano Oil
Save 20%
Sold Out
NaturaSoy Aromatherapy Jar Candle Canada
St. Francis Astragalus Canada
Save 17%
Save 26%
NaturaSoy Marketplace Jar Candle
2 in stock
Save 14%
Sold Out
2 in stock
Whole Body Healing