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Kesia Nagata: Looking For Horses


Looking For Horses is Kesia Nagata's intimate debut album, which spans a deeply personal decade of songwriting, travel, love, loss and wonder.

Concocted from stripped down arrangements and raw, honest lyricism, Looking For Horses teases apart what it means to be human and carefully examines the connection between soul and earth.

It's singer-songwriter simple, with a Lo-Fi Indie Folk vibe, a touch of rock and a bit of the blues; described as, “*One part salt water, one part woodsmoke, and one part wide open fields*”

Kesia's voice and lyrics are complex and spacious, furiously open-hearted, and profoundly honest.

Click the VIDEO tab to listen to a couple of songs from the album (featuring Jini’s herd of horses!)

Individual songs may be purchased from either Bandcamp or iTunes through the links below:



About Kesia Nagata

Kesia Nagata has been writing and playing music since she was a young teen. She started performing on stage at around 17 and sang backup with the alt-country group Real Ponchos for several years, recording and touring festivals with them for some of that time. She also performed her own songs at coffee houses and small venues in the Vancouver and area folk music scene until she moved to the rural north and finally got to work seriously on her debut album. Her music has been described as, “One part salt water, one part woodsmoke, and one part wide open fields."
As the album picks up momentum she has been booked for radio and live shows in her region, and is working on a small tour of BC next month. With some press and encouragement coming out of Europe, one goal shaping up is to tour in the UK, Ireland and EU. She is starting work on her second album. Kesia has always made music because she simply couldn't not make music, but now it seems like the music wants to go places, and she is thrilled to go with it. 
Kesia values growing, collaborating and innovating as a songwriter and as a performer. She wants to take the world by quiet, quirky, thoughtful, out-of-left-field storm.