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Relax For The Fun Of It (Softcover Book & Audio CD) - by Allan Hirsh


Open yourself to increased health and joy using this soothing, guided-relaxation CD with an accompanying cartoon book. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, colleagues and friends.

95 page softcover cartoon book with a 16-minute guided relaxation CD (with or without gentle wake-up)

"In my medical and psychotherapy practice, I find that giving patients Allan Hirsh's relaxation exercise can speed their emotional and physical recovery."
- Marc Gabel, M.D. Past President
General Practice Psychotherapy Association, Toronto, Ontario

If we can laugh at our problems, we'll always have something to laugh about. Loving, gentle humor helps us feel lighter and more relaxed. Humor opens the doors that stress, tension and pain have closed. Humor can also help channel stress into something productive. Laughter can provide a distance from pain, which helps us to keep matters in perspective.

In the back of this book is a sixteen minute relaxation CD. It is straightforward and effective. The CD has two tracks on it. The first track is sixteen minutes long and includes a gentle wake-up, so that you can continue with your day, refreshed and alert. The second track does not have a wake up so you can drift off into a pleasant sleep, if you so choose. By following the instructions on the CD, you will gradually become more aware of the muscles of your body, and your ability to release tension. In a short period of time, you will find yourself automatically relaxing parts of your body without even giving it much thought.

You may want to follow the instructions on the CD first, or, start by reading the humorous guide on relaxation and stress management instead. It really doesn't matter. Learning to cope with stress is often a trial and error process. Sometimes you'll find that laughter will lighten your mood best. At other times, a few moments of physical relaxation will be your ticket back to comfort.

"Allan Hirsh never fails to make me laugh! (You should see him with earflaps.) He is a healer and a humorist. He is a gifted therapist and a treasured friend. I envy his wit and I love his cartoons. Now I have the honor and pleasure of introducing his work to you. This is Allan. Talent like this should be shared."
- Lynn Johnston
Creator of the syndicated comic strip "For Better or For Worse"

Relaxation is not a discipline, nor is it a chore. Your body looks forward to the pleasure and relief of unwinding. Relaxing is as natural to the body as laughing. All we need to do is open ourselves to the feeling; it's as effortless as a cat begins to purr. The technique is not as important as the end result of relaxation. Do what works for you. Do what you feel is fun. If you like the experience, you will naturally do it again.

"What would it mean to you to start off each day feeling invigorated and less stressed? Allan Hirsh has put together this unique program to ease your stress and uplift your spirits. Spend a few minutes each day reading a few cartoons and listening to the relaxation CD and you will be fully energized and ready to handle anything the world has to throw at you!"
- Barry Spilchuk
Co-Author of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul™

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