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LTYG Podcast - Probiotics 1 with Natasha Trenev


Audio Length: 1.5 hours; 45 minutes interview, 45 minutes question & answer session 

Transcript Length: 40 pages, pdf format

I loved the probiotics teleseminar! I ordered the transcript so I could take my time & read it. I was already taking Natren & learned new things from Natasha like taking the powders before eating & then the Healthy Trinity capsule with your food. She called it layering. It has already helped! THANKS. - A.H.

Jini Says: Natasha Trenev is one of the world's foremost authorities on probiotics. Her family (they emigrated from Bulgaria) has been making yogurt for Europe's royal families for centuries. Her probiotic standards were read into congressional record. She has a full-time PhD in Microbiology on her staff and maintains one of the world's largest libraries on probiotic research. But on top of all that, she genuinely cares about people. I am one of the few people who have been allowed inside her manufacturing facility (after gowning up from head to toe, just like a surgeon going into the operating theatre) and I can tell you she is meticulous about safety and maintaining sterile conditions throughout the culturing and packaging process. You will learn insider info in this podcast you won't get anywhere else – I highly recommend it!

Natasha Trenev is a walking textbook of information about probiotics! This first podcast (I'm sure I'll be doing more with her) represents a fraction of her knowledge. However, it's a very important fraction and Natasha addresses many key issues like:

  • What is probiotic layering? And why is it more effective than JUST taking powders OR capsules?
  • When is the best time to take probiotics? And should I take them with food, or far away from food ingestion?
  • How do the bacteria in your gut determine whether you're overweight, or underweight?
  • Why do most probiotic companies offer many different kinds of bacteria together in one capsule, and is this okay?
  • What probiotics and dosage should I take following antibiotics? Heartburn? C. Difficile infection?
  • What's the best probiotic and dosage for Crohn's?
  • What's the best probiotic and dosage forColitis?
  • What's the best probiotic and dosage for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?
  • How should I give probiotics to my kids?

And much, much more!

In addition to the interview/discussion with Natasha, many people find the 45 minute question/answer session with the audience is just as useful and illuminating.

No matter what your level of knowledge, I guarantee you will learn something new and useful in this teleseminar.

About Natasha Trenev:

Natasha's family supplied yogurt to King Peter II and continuing generations of the royal family of Yugoslavia, where she was born. After graduating from UCLA, Natasha joined her family's yoghurt business for several years. She then took her knowledge of live cultures, founded Natren Inc., and set out to offer these bacteria in a concentrated, more potent form than found in foods. Natasha called these bacteria probiotics".

Natasha is consistently asked to educate medical professionals around the world about the benefits of probiotics. She is recognized as an expert and authority in the use of probiotics. Natasha's work is so respected that her probiotic production standards were read into the United States Congressional Record and are currently cited as the Probiotic Industry Standards. Natasha was invited to speak at the World Health Organization's Congress of Health in Adelaide, Australia.

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