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LTYG Podcast - Fecal Infusion Bacteriotherapy with Bianca James


Have you ever considered injecting healthy stool into your rectum to improve your gut flora and heal your colon?

Bianca James of the Sydney Colon Clinic worked with gastroenterologist Dr. Thomas J. Borody to develop the very first fecal infusion protocol. Also called Fecal Bacteriotherapy or Fecal Enemas.

Audio Length: 1 hour

Transcript Length: 22 pages

In this podcast, Jini Patel Thompson interviews Bianca James about working with Dr. Borody and how they came up with the Fecal Infusion protocol.

Bianca provides us with exact details of their original protocol (that Dr. Thomas Borody used to publish his papers).

She also gives detailed instructions on how you can do a Fecal Infusion at home and the precautions you need to take to avoid infection or complications.


Bianca James is a Registered Nurse with additional Diplomas in Colon Health and Nutritional Science. She is the founder of the Sydney Colon Clinic and can be reached at: www.colonhealth.com.au