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Progest Liposome Cream - 59g


Life Choice ProGest Balanced Skin Cream is an excellent option to help balance the female hormones during the different phases of the cycles of life, from menstruation to menopause.

Directions +

Suggested Use: Apply 1/2 teaspoon of cream twice daily into smooth skin areas such as wrists, face, throat or chest. For topical use only. Do not use on mucous membranes. Individual needs may vary.

Jini Says +

I've used natural progesterone cream at differing times after the birth of each of my 3 children. It seems that pregnancy and/or extended breastfeeding threw off my hormone balance.

By the time my youngest was 6 years old, I would still occasionally need to use it and my signal was that I would get headaches before or during my period. I only used 1/8 tsp, rubbed into the soles of my feet, once per day, and the headache would be gone within 15 - 20 minutes. Another clue that I need progesterone is if I get really irritable, with no patience.

Natural progesterone is useful for treating infertility, uterine fibroids, breast lumps, estrogen-dominance, and postpartum depression, irritability or anger. For great detailed info on natural progesterone, pick up the book by John Lee, MD and Jesse Hanley, MD titled, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause. Natural progesterone is also used to treat men with prostate problems.

We talked a lot about the need for balancing hormones in chronic illness in my teleseminar with Dr. Wendy Ellis - a colleague of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's, who works with him at his clinic in Washington. Of course, it's ideal (and recommended) to consult a hormone specialist and have your hormones tested properly. But for those who can't afford this, taking natural progesterone cream along with ThyroPlex (which we sell in the USA LTYG Shoppe) may be enough to resolve hormonal imbalance, or at least make a significant difference.

I really like this review of natural progesterone cream (Emerita brand - available in the USA) from Amazon as I like how she details her experimentation and her process of figuring out the the BEST way to utilize natural progesterone for her unique body:

5.0 out of 5 stars Saved my sanity
By Carrie W. - Published on Amazon.com
Amazon Verified Purchase
"Have had pretty much the same results as everyone else - near miraculous righting of some pretty bad wrongs, in my case severe PMS-related edema (bloating), depression, insomnia, and general flulike symptoms, sometimes lasting for nearly three weeks. I'm 40 years old and have been to many doctors over the years - since I was about 25 - getting my hormone levels checked. All anyone would ever tell me was that my levels were normal and they'd imply all my symptoms were in my head.

I realize I sound like an informercial, but I started to get desperate. I had tried completely eliminating caffeine (it can boost estrogen levels), started different vitamins and made dietary changes, none of which worked. I read about this cream in an article about PMS and tried it almost on a whim. I started slathering it on and noticed a near immediate dramatic improvement. After years and years and years of trying to find something that would help, it feels like a miracle. I'm still getting some swelling, but for the first time in my life my period's on time and this last month I didn't suffer severe PMS-related depression, for the first time in about 15 years. I feel like I have my life back.

One caveat: You'll really need to experiment with the cream to figure out how much you need without causing some unwanted side effects. The directions on the package say to use this twice a day, and to use about a half teaspoon. I did this for the first month or two before realizing that much cream will give me severe insomnia for about three days, worse than what I had been experiencing with the PMS. Apparently progesterone is a steroid hormone, which can cause sleeplessness. Long story short, a little dab of this will do me - I use probably a quarter teaspoon only once per day to get these miraculous effects. I use it first thing in the morning and only for two weeks out of the month. Sometimes I don't use it for a day or two near the tail end of my cycle - rising progesterone upsets my stomach and if I'm starting to notice that I'll slack off a little bit. (Update after having used this a while: I'm now down to using it only once per day every other day...a dollop about the size of a dime. If I use more than that I just can't take the insomnia - and I still get relief from the worst of the PMS symptoms.)

UPDATE...I'm pleased to report my PMS symptoms are showing even more improvement, the longer I've been using the Emerita cream. I no longer swell double every month (which is wonderful, as I can stop buying clothing in two sizes) and the difference in my mood and sense is wellness is nothing short of amazing. My one regret about this product is that I didn't find it 15 years ago. I can't recommend it enough."

Ingredients +

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Lecithin, Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, Punica granatum extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, Soy isoflavones (Non-GMO), Trifolium pratense (clover) leaf extract, Glucose, Tocopheryl acetate, Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, glucose, lactoperoxidase glucose, oxidase glucose.

100% pure pharmaceutical ingredients.

Contains no wheat, corn, yeast or dairy.

What is the source of progesterone in Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream?

There is no progesterone in Progest Liposome cream. Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream has been formulated by our clinical pharmacist and ND. The USP grade ingredients used are supported by scientific evidence to be helpful to boost the endogenous Progesterone levels without progesterone being added, o help balance the body’s hormones. It is plant based, the Isoflavones are certified as being made from Non-GMO soy, it is well known that Isoflavones can stimulate the fibroblast to make collagen and hyaluronic acid, and it’s thought to prevent the skin from physiological aging, and may have an ability to prevent UV damage. Studies have demonstrated an interrelation between photo-aging and the decline of estrogen in women, and a reduction of skin elasticity. According the scientific studies, the formulation produces anti-estrogenic properties which help the secretion of endogenous progesterone. The rest of the method is proprietary.

Progest Liposome Cream - silky, luxurious texture of this all-natural cream makes “taking your medicine” a delight. To use this female balancing cream, massage it into your skin until it is noticeably absorbed. ProGest cream can be applied to any area of the skin, such as the chest, breasts, lower abdomen, inner thighs, wrists/inner arms, and neck. It is recommended that you periodically rotate the area of the body where the cream is applied. Some women notice results from using ProGest cream immediately, and for others it may take a few weeks. ProGest cream is absorbed into the skin and taken up by the fatty layer beneath; it is then transferred into the bloodstream, where it circulates to receptor sites throughout the body.

  • Helps female hormone levels
  • Replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

Warning: See your health care provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Taking medication or under any medical care. Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.

SUGGESTED USE OF PROGEST CREAM – Hormonal levels naturally rise and fall during the menstrual cycle, and some women experience negative symptoms known collectively as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, or PMS. Some common symptoms of PMS are water retention, breast soreness, migraines, mood swings and cramping. Supplementing with natural ProGest simulates the body’s own hormone production and helps to bring the body back to its equilibrium and may help decrease symptoms. ProGest cream may help symptoms which occur with menstruation (dysmenorrhea) such as cramping, diarrhea, constipation and heavy bleeding. Everyone is different; some women require more ProGest cream than others to help alleviate symptoms. The correct amount of ProGest cream differs from one person to another, so start with the following schedule for the cream, and adjust as needed:

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME – Day 1-14, do not use the cream; day 15-18, use 1/8 tsp. twice per day; day 19-23, use 1/4 tsp. twice per day; day 24 to day period starts, use 1/2 tsp. twice per day. Adjust this schedule to meet your individual needs, gradually cutting back on the amount of cream used each month as improvements warrant. Using this cyclic schedule, day 1 is the first day of menstrual flow. Although the time of ovulation varies from woman to woman, the time from ovulation to menstruation is generally 12-14 days. For example, in a 28 day cycle, ovulation usually occurs on the 14th day, if you have a 35 day cycle, ovulation generally occurs around the 21st day. You will want to use natural ProGest from ovulation until the onset of your period. The time of ovulation can be determined by the dramatic change in basal body temperature (a sudden fall and subsequent rise) and by change in vaginal secretion (from a thin discharge to a thick mucus). Some women also experience lower abdominal pains during ovulation. You do not need to use cream during menstruating; if, however, you experience cramps or other symptoms during menstruation, you may use ProGest cream until the symptoms dissipate. Try rubbing the cream on your lower abdomen during menstrual cramping. If you have migraines during your cycle, rub cream on the back of your neck or on your temples. It is best to use the cream at the time of ovulation. If you have symptoms prior to ovulation (i.e., migraines), you may begin using ProGest cream earlier, and use until menstruation begins. Try cutting back each month on the amount used, if symptoms return resume the above usage, and try to cut back the following month. Ultimately your goal is to be symptom-free; if symptoms recur, use ProGest cream on an as-needed basis.

SUGGESTED USE FOR MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS – At the onset of menopause, estrogen and progesterone production by the ovaries tapers off, and many women experience symptoms such as vasomotor flushes (hot flashes), night sweats, mood changes, and vaginal dryness and/or discomfort. Many women also experience irregular periods, rather than regulate the menstrual cycle of a menopausal woman, natural ProGest cream helps with many of the symptoms of menopause. These same symptoms may occur after hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and / or oopherectomy (removal of the ovaries), which are sometimes referred to as “surgical menopause.” All women experience menopause differently: some women need more ProGest cream than others. The correct amount of cream for one will not necessarily be right for another, we recommend using the following schedule as a guide.

MENOPAUSE (WHILE STILL MENSTRUATING) – Day 1 (period starts) -7, do not use cream; day 8-21, use 1/4 tsp. twice per day; day 22-1st day of next menstruation, use 1/2 tsp. twice per day. If you are no longer menstruating, follow the suggested schedule below, based on the calendar month. For vaginal dryness or discomfort use 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. once a day inter-vaginally, this may be in addition to or instead of your daily applications of the cream elsewhere. You may use cream for immediate relief of symptoms: for hot flashes or night sweats, use 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. every fifteen minutes for one hour following the episode. Some women find that they must use 1/2 tsp. twice per day, every day, to get relief from menopausal symptoms. If skipping the first seven days’ application leaves you with uncomfortable symptoms, you may use this cream every day of the month. If symptoms have not receded after several weeks use, then a small amount of ProGest cream for a limited time may be appropriate.

POST-MENOPAUSAL – For vaginal dryness or discomfort use 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. once a day intervaginally, this may be in addition to or instead of your daily applications of the cream elsewhere. Some women find that they must use 1/2 tsp. twice per day, every day, to feel relief and balance, if not then skip the first seven days’ calendar application and use for the next 21 days and repeat this schedule.