SALE: Expiring, Dents & Dings!

Sometimes we order too much product, because we'd rather have too much than run out! Other times a bottle or box may suffer a dent, ding, scratch, or stain in the warehouse but the container is still intact and the product inside is still in pristine condition.

After several customers inquired about purchasing cosmetically damaged items or items that were close to expiring for a discounted price, we decided both were great ideas and are now offering these with deep discounts!

How does it work?

If you would like to purchase any of the items below, please e-mail us at, call us at 888-866-7745, or have a LIVE CHAT with us via the little blue tab on the bottom right of your screen and we can either add the item(s) to an existing order, or help you place a new order with the discounted item(s) included.

Which products are currently available?

The following products are currently available for purchase. Please note that these items are offered on a first come, first serve basis and are only available while supplies last. The listed pricing cannot be applied to any other units of the same product with a different expiration date



Regular Price


Sale Price

Qty Available




Flora Udo’s Choice Oil Blend - 17 fl oz (500 ml) (Organic)




6 Units




Similasan Allergy Eye Relief - 10ml




2 Units




Nordic Naturals Children's DHA (Strawberry Flavour) - 90 softgels




2 Units




PLEASE NOTE: At LTYG we generally ship your order from the warehouse closest to your location to ensure that the transit time is as short as possible. Items on this list will always be sent via ground (except cold items) and may take longer to reach you if they are physically located in the warehouse that is further away from your address.