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Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Tea

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Bagged teas for all your wellness needs.

Directions +

Pour 240ml freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. Cover and steep for 10-15 min. Squeeze and remove tea bags to ensure maximum goodness.

Ingredients +

Organic EveryDay Detox Dandelion Tea Ingredients: Organic dandelion heb with root, Organic fennel fruit, Organic peppermint leaf, Organic licorice root

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea Ingredients: Organic Raspberry leaf

Organic Echinacea Plus Elderberry Tea Ingredients:Organic Echinacea purpurea herb, Organic European elder flower

Organic Smooth Move Tea Ingredients: Organic senna leaf, licorice root, fennel fruit, orange peel, cinnamon bark, coriander fruit, ginger rhizome, orange peel oil on gum arabic

Traditional Medicinals use pharmacopoeial grade herbs in this tea. That means that these herbs meet the highest standards set for quality, purity, strength, identity, and composition. While it is acceptable to use food-grade herbs in herbal tea products, Traditional Medicinals choose instead to use the higher pharmacopoeial grade for its enhanced quality.

Organic Smooth Move Tea - This organic laxative tea relieves occasional constipation, generally within 6-12 hours.*

Warnings: Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you have hypokalemia, if you are taking any kind of hormonal therapies, diuretics, potassium-depleting agents, or MAO inhibitors.

Do not use if you have impaired kidney or liver functions, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Pregnancy and lactation: Not to be used during pregnancy or while breast feeding unless recommended by your pre-or post-natal healthcare practitioner.